Trerose – English

The project of Trerose begun in 2015, based on a very well defined artistic concept.
First of all, all the lyrics are composed in Italian, allowing each member of the band to express themselves at the fullest.
Furthermore, their work is a continuous search for a new sound, in line with the tradition of italian authorial music but at the same time influenced by new experiences and knowledge from other worlds, from different people.
It’s a kind of pop music with a dark sound and suprisingly psychedelic digressions, played the old-fashion way, with very little electronics during long live recording sessions. Their music seduces through the unexpected emotion of an old vibraphone from the Sixties. Unique intimate moments are the musical heritage of the band.
That’s where music gets close to the rose, an ancient symbol of secret and discretion. Sub rosa dicta velata est (what is said under the bond of a rose has to be secret). A bond then, a pact among three people: the secret of Trerose.
Who is Trerose then?
The gorgeous and sophisticated voice of Eleonora Merz. The brilliant and diabolical guitar of Pino Dieni, a weaver for resonant wefts from the outer space. The deepest bass guitar of Fabiano Spinelli, who stubbornly created this project from scratch.

Translation by Magda Basso